Gail Flug

Scrap Metal / Headbanger Hotline

Resident “Rivethead”, Copywriter and Newshound

Music, art and writing have always been enormous influences in Gail Flug’s life. During her childhood her paintings, photography and writing revolved around musicians she enjoyed, and she turned this hobby into a lifestyle early on. She began by writing a “music news” column for her junior high school newspaper, and included original concert photographs of Queen and Angel in her Regents Art portfolio. It was only natural that she would combine these passions into a career.

While in college, Gail dove into the music industry as an intern at WBAB, and her experience with radio and reporting landed her a job at CMJ as their first Hard Rock editor. She hooked up with Fingers Metal Shop within months of its start, and became a major part of the show behind the scenes; compiling the weekly new segment, Scrap Metal, answering the ‘headbanger hotline’ and often arranging interviews and contests for the show.

As a respected internationally known journalist, Gail has had articles, reviews and columns published in countless publications including RAW, Hit Parader, Creem, FMQB, Rip, Faces, Metal Hammer and Metal Maniacs. Many of these contributions included her own photography – a talent which she developed since getting her first professional Nikon SLR at age 13 – giving her another area to work with. A sample of her work can be found within the CD booklet of Visions Of Eden by Virgin Steele. Her album liner notes credits include Five Man Acoustical Jam by Tesla and In The Beginning by Angel.

While working in marketing during the last decade, Gail applied her interest in art and advertising to newly acquired computer graphic design skills. Now as a triple threat, she can not only write a feature article or copy for an advertisement or website, she can provide the photographs and create the layout as well. During the ’00s she had a monthly column in Metal Edge, in addition to contributing features and reviews to Cat Fancy, Goldmine, KNAC and Amazon.

A key to Gail’s journalistic success is her versatility. Her eclectic taste in music and pop culture, coupled with a knack for remembering interesting facts no matter how trivial, has allowed her to cover assignments across rock subgenres. She feels equally as comfortable writing about classic rock bands such as Foreigner and Peter Frampton, hard rock like Def Leppard and Bon Jovi and the heaviest of metal including Slayer and Megadeth. A few other tidbits; She appeared with Metallica during their first ever MTV appearance, has worked in band management, radio promotion and as a publicist, and has lost count the number of times she has seen personal favorites Dio, UFO and Iron Maiden in concert.

Moving into their third decade of her career in the music biz, she plans more writing for FMS and beyond.

Top 13 FMS Bands:

  • Iron Maiden
  • Queen
  • UFO
  • Rainbow 
  • Ronnie James Dio
  • Virgin Steele
  • Accept
  • Michael Schenker Group
  • Europe
  • TNT
  • Queensryche
  • Yngwie Malmsteen
  • Loudness

Current favorites on the ipod: HIM, Dream Theater, Volbeat


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