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In Scrap: Paul Stanley Soon Coming To A Store Near You; Bruce Kulick Returns To His Roots; Trent Reznor and Scott Rockenfield Expand Their Musicial Talents and more…

In Scrap: Paul Stanley Soon Coming To A Store Near You; Bruce Kulick Returns To His Roots; Trent Reznor and Scott Rockenfield Expand Their Musicial Talents and more…

Paul Stanley Soon Coming To A Store Near You

Paul StanleyIt was only a matter of time, but Paul Stanley has officially become a brand. The Kiss frontman has teamed up with Epic Rights to develop and launch his lifestyle brand, Paul Stanley: Royals & Rebels, with products to hit retail sometime next year. The brand will lend its name to everything from men's fashion apparel, accessories and footwear to food, spirits, home decor, cookware and more. 

Read the press release in full and get a peek of his clothing line

Bruce Kulick Returns To His Roots

KBBBruce Kulick is releasing a new album based on old recording he did with his first band called KKB. Seems the guitarist found an old reel-to-reel tape of their original material recorded in 1974 and decided to get back together with bandmates bassist Mike Katz and drummer Guy Bois to remix, remaster and update the tracks they recorded back then. Kulick said in a press release, “This music represents a time in my career that I feel helped define the potential of my guitar playing. It gives me chills to hear it. The interplay with Mike on bass and Guy on drums was expertly executed, filled with passion that defined our age. To think that so long ago I was involved in something this powerful that sat in my closet unheard for nearly 35 years made me furious.” The album, which is titled “Got to Get Back,” will also feature a new track. 

Watch a trailer

Reznor Scores Deal With Batman

Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor  has signed on to be a music consultant for the forthcoming video game Batman: Arkham Knight. While there is no word if Reznor plans to contribute new music for the project,  the Nine Inch Nails’ song “The Wretched”  is featured in a trailer for the game. This is not their first time the nin mastermind has scored music for video games; some of his past credits include Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Midnight Club: Los Angeles, and Quake.

Watch the trailer

Black Sabbath To Re-Release Classic Albums

Black Sabbath will re-release the first eight of their albums on 180-gram vinyl starting in late June. The band did release these albums on vinyl a few years ago in a limited edition box set, which has since become an in demand collectable, and it’s hoped that this release will be more easily available to fans. Each release will also include a CD version of the album.

Queensryche Drummer To Score Animated Series

Scott Rockenfield has launched an Indiegogo campaign in the hopes of raising $70,000 to fund "Tale Of A City" – an educational animated series that will help tell the stories of cities around the world. While he is best known to fans as the drummer for Queensryche, he has also found success as a composer having done music for TV commercials, video games and film scores including The Matrix, Avatar, The Dark Knight, Star Trek, Spiderman, Prometheus and the Grammy nominated TeleVoid.

Go to the pledge page to find out more and view the pilot episode which is about Boston. Other cities that are said to be included are New York, Seattle, Atlanta, London, Paris, San Francisco and Rome.

Sebastian Bach Pens His Memoir

Sebastian BachSebastian Bach will publish his autobiography in January titled “18 and Life on Skid Row”.  It is said to be uncensored and unfiltered as the vocalist chose not to use a co-author, as many other musicians do for their books.  
The publisher states in the book details:  
In this uncensored, unfiltered memoir, the musician and former front man for Skid Row tells the story of how a choir boy became a mega-successful hair metal god, rode the wave of fame in Heavy Metal’s heyday, and came out alive on the other side when glam rock went the way of the cassette tape and the Walkman.

Sebastian Bach is an iconic rock vocalist who has sold in excess of twenty million records worldwide. Best known for his powerful high vocal range and his flowing blonde locks, he’s been a stand out member of the metal music scene since he was fourteen. From first joining Kid Wikkid, Bach has rocked out with Skid Row, Madam X, The Last Hard Men, The Frogs, and Frameshift, and with famous friends such as Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Soundgarden, Pantera, and Guns ’N Roses.

But eventually the party bus stopped and the rock star grew up. Yet the fun didn’t end. Bach established a successful solo career as an actor, musician, and singer, appearing on numerous television shows and on Broadway. In this no-holds-barred memoir—raw, powerful, wild, funny, and reflective—he charts his unconventional childhood, first in the Bahamas and then in his rise from small-town Canada to the world’s greatest concert stages to the Great White Way and beyond.

There’s the usual sex, drugs, parties, women, hair products, and headbanging rock ‘n’ roll, but there is also a lot more. Here is a rock star who can write, tell a great story, and has kept his career moving forward despite the changing musical landscape. Through it all, this talented artist remained devoted to his craft, and to having a damn good time. 

Armored Saint Stream New Album

Armored SaintArmored Saint will release their seventh studio album on June 2 in North America, but you can listen to the entire album via soundcloud at the following link.

"Win Hands Down" track listing:

  1. Win Hands Down
  2. Mess
  3. An Exercise In Debauchery
  4. Muscle Memory
  5. That Was Then, Way Back When
  6. With a Full Head of Steam
  7. In an Instant
  8. Dive
  9. Up Yours

Volbeat Tease New Song On Tour

Volbeat, who are currently on tour with Anthrax, performed one half of a brand new song last week at the River City Rockfest in San Antonio, Texas. The un-named track is just one of five the band say they are rehearsing during soundcheck and with the addition of a sixth, they will have enough songs to complete the second half of their forthcoming album. They hope to enter the studio in November. In the meantime, you can watch fan-filmed footage HERE