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In Scrap: Bill Ward reunites with Sabbath, sort of; new music George Lynch explores his Native American roots; Big news from Slayer; Discouraging news from Rush and more…

In Scrap: Bill Ward reunites with Sabbath, sort of; new music George Lynch explores his Native American roots; Big news from Slayer; Discouraging news from Rush and more…

Bill Ward Appears With (Most Of) Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath

Three quarters of the original Black Sabbath line-up were on hand last week to accept the Ivor Novello award for lifetime achievement, yet the missing member may surprise you. Bill Ward joined Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler at the ceremony, marking the first time in years the drummer has appeared in public with his former bandmates. No reason was given for Ozzy Osbourne’s absence, but it may be the reason Ward attended; as you may recall the frontman and Ward got in a war of words online a few weeks ago, stemming from the frontman’s comments that the drummer was not healthy enough to tour with the band, and that the contract dispute was just an excuse. Ward told a reporter from the NME at the event that he will not take part in any part of the Sabbath reunion until several issues with Ozzy is resolved. 

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Slayer To Release New Album on 9/11


Slayer has announced their forthcoming album will be titled “Repentless", and it will be released on September 11 via Nuclear Blast. This is the follow-up to 2009's "World Painted Blood", and marks the band’s first studio album with guitarist Gary Holt, the return of drummer Paul Bostaph and their first album with producer Terry Date. While a full track listing is still not finalized, the band have said in interviews that newer versions of tracks “Implode” and “When The Stillness Comes” will be on the album as well as  a re-recording of the tune 'Atrocity Vendor', which originally appeared as the B-side of a limited vinyl edition single of 'World Painted Blood'.

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Geddy Lee Says Health Issues May Mean The End For Future Rush Tours

More fuel has been added to the rumor that Rush may not be touring much more after their 40th anniversary tour. In a recent interview in Classic Rock Magazine, Geddy Lee confessed that Neil Peart has tendonitis in his arm, and Alex Lifeson is suffering from arthritis, making it very difficult for both musicians to play without pain. The bassist said, “For Alex the arthritis is not a small thing. If anything is going to mean we can’t tour any more like we used to, it’s more than likely going to be the arthritis – because that’s something that will directly affect his ability to play. If I was going out onstage and I couldn’t play the way I want to, or the way I’ve played in the past, there’s no way I’d want to do it. I wouldn’t want to go out there and be a shadow of my former self.” 

Lifeson has admitted that he has been suffering from arthritis for the past ten years, but it has worsened that he now feels the stiffness in his hands and feet. Says Lee, “It kind of hurts me to see him when he’s having a bad day, physically. He’s one of my oldest and dearest friends. And when he’s been at rehearsal and he’s not playing his best, it’s not nice to see your friend suffer like that. This thing is in the back of his mind, and he’s afraid of it.”

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Tracii Guns Update

Former L.A. GUNS guitarist Tracii Guns is currently involved with several projects. He is just finished an album with Devil City Angels -- the band he formed with drummer Rikki Rockett, bassist Eric Brittingham and and vocalist/rhythm guitarist Brandon Gibbs – yet he is getting ready to tour with GUNZO. That is a new band featuring bassist Rudy Sarzo, singer Keith St. John and drummer Shane Fitzgibbon, whose musical style was described by the guitarist as ‘neo-classical’. No word on when either band will be releasing music. 

Symphony X Album Details and Video

Symphony XSymphony X has released details regarding their ninth studio album, titled "Underworld", which will be released on July 24 via Nuclear Blast Records. 

"Underworld" track listing:

  1. Overture
  2. Nevermore
  3. Underworld
  4. Without You
  5. Kiss Of Fire
  6. Charon
  7. Hell And Back
  8. In My Darkest Hour
  9. Run With The Devil
  10. Swansong
  11. Legend

Watch the official lyric video for the CD's opening track, "Nevermore"

George Lynch Explores His Native American Roots

George LynchGeorge Lynchwill release a two-CD set under name "Shadow Train" on July 17 via Rat Pak Records. The project is said to explore a more soulful, bluesy and melodic side to his playing, and features contributions from vocalist Gregg Analla, bassist Gabe Rosales, keyboardist Donnie Dickman and drummer Jimmy D'Anda. Tracks from the disc are also featured in Lynch's forthcoming movie, "Shadow Nation", a thought-provoking documentary that explores the trials and tribulations that face Native American Indians in our world today. In a press release, Lynch said of the project, "I've spent over four decades of my life pursuing elusive musical aspirations. But for even longer than that, I've cared, studied and thought deeply about the human condition and how we interact with each other and the world around us. Fusing these two aspirations into one has been a challenge for me throughout my creative life. This is my attempt at bonding the music and the message into one cohesive whole."

"Shadow Train" track listing:

Disc 1
  1. Vulture
  2. Currency Of Lies
  3. Power And Resistance
  4. Now It's Dark
  5. Vulture (Slight Return)
  6. I Am Weapon
  7. Ghost
  8. White Clay
  9. Fight No More

Disc 2

  1. Believe
  2. Blinded
  3. Fallen
  4. Glitter
  5. Prayer Mechanism
  6. Sioux Wake Up
  7. Trail Of Tears
  8. Under A Crooked Sky
  9. World On Fire

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The Return of Frank DIMino!

Frank DiMinoAngel frontman Frank DiMino will release his first solo album titled "Old Habits Die Hard" via Frontiers on July 10. The album features contributions from a few familiar guitarists including Oz Fox, Paul Crook, Pat Thrall, Eddie Ojeda, Jeff Duncan and his old bandmate Punky Meadows.

“Old Habits Die Hard” tracklisting: 

  1. Never Again
  2. Rockin’ In The City
  3. I Can’t Stop Loving You
  4. The Rain’s About To Fall
  5. Even Now
  6. Tears Will Fall
  7. Mad As Hell
  8. Sweet Sensation
  9. Tonight’s The Night
  10. The Quest
  11. Stones By The River

Check out the video for Rockin’ In The City